I’m not the fittest or fastest…

And I’m ok with that. I now know what makes me happy when it comes to fitness.

I just love being active and mobile everyday

I need to be outdoors, it fuels me, transports me

I like to keep it simple, no machinery please

I loathe routine, something different everyday is good for me, whatever feels good

I’m not driving anywhere, I’m walking there, preferably just heading out the door to get started

The more fun, the better – tossing coconuts, racing through rice paddies is more my style

my type of " gym equipment"

my type of ” gym equipment”

Given the option of running 5kms at a half decent speed (that means picking up my feet and achieving more than a shuffle) or trekking for 5 hours? I’m taking the trek every time. It must be the Capricorn Goat in me that seeks out as many hills as possible. Trekking is like active meditation, and with an abundance of treks through stunning ravines right on my doorstep I am one happy trekker. One footstep at a time, that’s all I think about. No race plan, the end is the end. A steady pace will get me there.

hard not to love this when its right on the doorstep

hard not to love this when its right on the doorstep

Trekking ticks all of my boxes and takes me to some amazing places every week.

taking a moment to realise how lucky I am to be able to do our "Beyond Bali" trek.

taking a moment to realise how lucky I am to be able to do our “Beyond Bali” trek.

I am a shocking runner. Once I started our Sharing Bali fitness retreats it soon became apparent that I needed to do something about it. Doing a 90 min workout session was no problem but a warm up jog up the driveway was enough to do me in! Our trainers have got me moving at more than a shuffle. Amazing how a simple piece of advice, “don’t stop” can change your ways! Starting with the “running for 10 seconds/walking for 30 seconds” phase, I gradually built up my distances. Running a marathon is absolutely not on my list, I’m happy enough with not being left at the bottom of the driveway these days.

the driveway that used to undo me on a warm up jog!

the driveway that used to undo me on a warm up jog!

If it can be outdoors, works for a group and needs “equipment” that we can make from local materials and creates a fun, but challenging environment, then I’m up for working it into a Sharing Bali Retreat. CrossFit, Pilates, Bootcamp, Yoga, HIIT, Adventure Races, Interval Running, “rafting” on home made bamboo rafts are what we do. It keeps me inspired and challenged.

I’m always keen for new ideas, and am very intrigued by what I call the “natural movement” genre that I can see emerging. Watching our trainers effortlessly swing across bamboo, or crawl along the grass with fluid movements makes me think its child’s play. My movements are a long way from being effortless, closer to those of an elephant than a gazelle. and my body hurts after any session that involves crawling.

Adam from Fit Squad makes this look easy

Adam from Fit Squad makes this look easy

Every morning I wake up and find that every limb responds to the need to move…. I’m happy. Pretty simple. Some days those limbs just move a bit faster or further than others. Chasing a PB is not for me. I’m ok with that.

I took me quite a few years to figure this out. I know, it shouldn’t be that hard. Do you know what really makes you happy when it comes to staying active?


One response to “I’m not the fittest or fastest…

  1. I love this Karen! Exercise is all about what makes each of us happy and that means different things to different people. I admire that you have it sussed for you! I do know that coming to Bali and doing your boot camp 3.5 years ago was so me also. It was so challenging but so invigorating and I really do want to come back one day – maybe now that I feel I am through my triathlon obsession I might be back soon! Exercise is definitely my happy drug! And you have created the perfect environment!


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