shedding excess baggage

Surrounding myself with people who are up for a retreats that challenges their ways, I become an observer of transformations. We make no promises on changing peoples health, fitness or approach to life, that’s up to every individual. But I do like to think our retreats allow our guests to tap into new sources of energy that inspire them to ask questions of themselves that open new doors for them.

What happens post retreats is always interesting and I like to stay in touch, sharing in their new ways. I asked our “Bali Crew” guests from our Body Transformers Retreats to contribute to our upcoming newsletter. I was thrilled to hear from Paula. This is her unedited story. Power to you Paula. 

“I always love getting ur letters and updates. It reminds me of the magnificent adventure I was privileged to experience with u in March and acts as a gentle reconnection with the peace, joy, freedom and strength I found there.

Paula's workout style: "volcano warrior freakish crazy woman way"

Paula’s workout style: “volcano warrior freakish crazy woman way”

Since March my weightloss journey has been a challenging one. It hasn’t gone ‘to plan’, what in life does tho, really? Despite coming off much slower than if like, the excess baggage has been shedding nonetheless. With many many plateaus and some weeks a kilo up, there has been an overall downward trend and I am happy with that. I find I need to remind myself that this is a lifestyle change and old habits (unfortunately) due hard. On the upside, if it’s taking me a long time, I’m creating new habits which means (hopefully) they’ll also be stubborn and difficult to shift, in turn maintaining my new found path of wellbeing for life!

Since your retreat I have exorcised another 8kg bringing me to a total -26kg these past 12months. I’m about 10-18kg from my ‘goal weight’ tho when I lose another 10 I think my aim may likely change to a focus on measurements rather than kgs.

I’ve been training like a demon. In my true Paula: volcano warrior freakish crazy woman way, it’s like I’m falling down cliffs in rice fields all over again! Though my energy levels and emotions fluctuate, the difference is not as volatile as it used to be and I’m: 1. finding it easier to say “I’m not ok, I need help”; and 2. bouncing back heappps quicker than i used to which is comforting. Life can be really tough sometimes and knowing that though it gets hard, I’m ok and can come good quickly again is a very comforting knowing for me 🙂

Work has been a challenge- trying to find full time psych work to complete my registration has been harder than I expected. The positive thing about this however is whilst keeping my casual job that I am way overqualified for, ive had no work related stress and have had a lot of time to myself, to train, to be social and really have my life revolve around me. I’ve never done that before and I’ve actually really enjoyed it.

I’ve joined a new gym and have met a lot of cool supportive kind inspiring people I really enjoy hanging out with.  I’m seeing a PT weekly. She is lovely kind honest strong and inspiring (and has a rockin butt!!) 😉 I’m participating in a 40day focus challenge there with the goal of weightloss. ATM I’m at day 21 and have not been eating nearly as strictly as I planned. Have has stressors, emotional benders and excuses. Lots of excuses. Those old habits again. But hey, after a debaucherous long weekend I just owned a mammoth workout and am refocused.

In the process I’ve been questioning a lot of things in my life: my career path, my relationship with my partner, friendships.. More than ever I feel so much uncertainty. This was hard for quite some time but I’m ok with it now. I’ve accepted that I will probably never ‘know’ but that I can still work towards a valued life that is meaningful to me. I imagine that if I just keep plugging away at my little goals and being the best version of myself everything else will naturally fall into place when it’s meant to. That brings me peace and freedom.

looking fresh and glowing from a spa treatment, washing away the workout sweat

looking fresh and glowing from a spa treatment, washing away the workout sweat

That’s about all I have time for now Karen. Sorry it’s a bit higgledy piggledy, I’m typing from my iphone as I eat my morning tea. I’ve got to jet now but will keep u posted. Hope you’re well, thanks for the check in and sending joy and love from Sydney xxx”


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