Replenishing the well… taking a holiday for YOU

Joining a retreat in a small village in Bali with a group of people you may or may not know can take a leap of faith. I answer emails daily from potential guests who are unsure about taking that leap. Am I fit enough? Will I be the only single traveller? (I’m trying to convince my friend to come but they are not sure). Am I going to be the “oldie” amongst a group of young fit people? And the list goes on.

The first question I ask is why they want to join us and what they are looking for from the retreat. 

replenishing the well...!

replenishing the well…!

So many guests start out intending to travel with friends and family. If often works out that way, but many after much to-ing and fro-ing find they are ready to take the chance and strike out and do something for themselves first and foremost. One of my favourite guests captured those thoughts when emailing me to join up for her second retreat. Wise words indeed…

“For me I quite like the idea of travelling on my own for a few days before and after retreat. It is a bit of quiet down time as my life is very busy with people (which I love) family, work, life etc.

But you can be like a Well……all the water gets drained out of it……and you need to fill it up and replenish yourself to give again…… time for yourself when you can just be responsible for just yourself for a few days!

I also like just meeting up with new people on the retreat as it is more than likely everyone is like minded and open minded and there for the wonderful experience at your beautiful Sharing Bali!”

Does this sound like you? Have you replenished the well lately?


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