Dinner with Jojo Struys – writer, film maker, columnist……

Every one of our guests at Sharing Bali has a story to tell. It makes life interesting, I feel exposed to new ideas, knowledge and different points of view everyday. I have been fortunate enough to meet 3 very different writers over the last few weeks.

Jojo - a bundle of positive energy

Jojo – a bundle of positive energy

JoJo Struys  is a bundle of positive energy. I met Jojo, and her soon to be husband Michael, just a few days before their wedding at a cliff-top chapel in Bali. Sharing Bali can be a sensory overload for many people, but Jojo was at immediately at home, immersing herself in what she described as the “chi of the whole area.”

Over dinner we discussed their latest film project, an international travelogue called “Letting Go”. Jojo and Michael describe it as “an empowering travelogue that uncovers uniquely cultural ways people de-stress around Asia”. Although Jojo’s life as a a well-known columnist, TV and radio personality, model, health speaker and blogger, is hectic, it is clear that the “Letting Go” project is her passion explaining that “the show aims to exhilarate as much as it relaxes, educates and inspires audiences to live healthier, more energised lives.”

Later in the evening talk turned to books. Hayley Roper, a.k.a “Love My Body Bootcamps” founder was also at the table, as Jojo’s visit coincided with Hayley’s Bali Bootcamp. I soon discovered that Hayley and Jojo had a connection. They had both written their first book under the pump! 12 weeks for Jojo. A record 5 weeks for Hayley. Both dismissed any comments suggesting that it was a powerhouse effort saying it was a natural path to take, and whilst they had to lock themselves away, the words flowed freely. They made it sound so effortless! That’s what happens when you spend your time doing what you love.Image

“Jojo Struys’s Guide to Wellness” is always on my table. I tend to pick it up and down, reading random chapters as the mood takes me. It really is a very personal journey from Jojo. The book shares experiences that have worked for Jojo and includes a range of practical, easy to follow exercises and breathing techniques on a diversity of topics ranging from insomnia, anger, stress, fear, depression, weight management, self-esteem and the power of positive thinking.

Feeling a little overwhelmed over the last couple of days, Chapter 7, Stress seemed to call out to me this week! I like this summary of positive steps to combat the effects of stress (this is my short summary, Jojo goes into detail):


Let go of perfection

Think “big picture”

Embrace change

Learn to say “no” or you will always be distracted from your priorities

Don’t hold grudges

Do cardio exercise at least 3 times a week

Set aside quality time for myself


Such a simple list… once I put some action behind the first suggestion, “delegate” I was already feeling better!

I’m looking forward to seeing Jojo and Michael on their return to Bali early next year. They are currently in Australia filming another episode of “Letting Go” . Follow their progress here. You can buy Jojo’s book here: www.mphonline.com

Hayley Roper's book will be out soon

Hayley Roper’s book will be out soon

Stay tuned for Hayley’s first book. Meanwhile get to know Hayley via her blog.
I’m thinking of running a writers retreat in 2014 with Jacq from the London Writers Club. It seems to me that it feels right for Sharing Bali. Who’s keen?

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