Sharing Bali Body Scrub cleans up Tough Mudders!

One of the most delightful treats for myself and our guests is our Sharing Bali Body Scrub. 

scrub, polish and glow!

scrub, polish and glow!

Inspired by the days when Balinese women in the Royal Palaces would spend a week prior to a wedding giving each other luxurious bathing treatments, bringing a divine glow to their skin. (puts our modern day hens nights to shame?!)

We whip this up in our kitchen.. a blend of rice, cinnamon, ginger, turmeric, cloves and macadamia.

The most important ingredient is TIME. We encourage our guests to take  a leisurely shower in our outdoor bathrooms, turn off the water, and massage the scrub onto damp skin, gently exfoliating the body. The finishing touch is to generously rub yoghurt on top of the scrub (yes it may feel like you are edible!) The yoghurt moisturises. After rinsing off with cool water your skin feels polished and glowing. (Bliss after a sweaty bootcamp session).

Nice to hear that our scrub was put to the ultimate test recently.. scrubbing away mud after an epic Tough Mudder race! Thinking there may be a whole new world out there for our humble little scrub!

Photo courtesy of Kirsten Munachen Murphy aka Cooee Crossfit and Tough Mudder player.


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