Sharing , Collaboration, Partnership…makes for a rich business life

Going through hundreds of images for a Bali Crew newsletter made me reflect on the richness of my life at Sharing Bali.

connections...memorable moments

connections…memorable moments

My dream has always to be in a business that is based on sharing, collaboration and partnership. I did my time in the top down management style companies and whilst I had a great career that I am grateful for, I was often on the outer with my views. We usually settled into a good place, with management accepting that I drummed to my own beat and letting me create my own world… it was usually mutually beneficial.

Once you start out with the intent of sharing and collaborating, it is inevitable that you gather around you people with similar intentions. Life and business become one. You move way past the notion of “work life balance”.

these people make my heart sing

these people make my heart sing

In the theme of sharing and collaborating… any golden gems of advice on the ways to shift into this mode… please comment.


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