Cooee CrossFit in Bali – eat well, move more, have fun.

It’s no secret that trekking is top of my list for fitness, getting a big dose of the outdoors and a way to clear my mind. Our treks are on difficult uneven ground, requiring full attention to avoid a dignity deflating fall, face first into the muddy rice paddies.

Moments of clarity often occur when my mind and body are at one on a trek. Thoughts seem easy to process and words of wisdom exchanged between trekkers stay with me.1375095_10151960253322193_1338217980_n

It was on a recent trek with Kirsten and Match Murphy along with their Cooee CrossFit athletes, that a very simple philosophy on fitness was explained to me. It stripped away the complexity of fitness programs in one swoop.

Free of jargon, I found it easy to understand and retain! Simple, ageless, timeless, doable advice that anyone can apply to their life.

K: Care to share those gems of advice one more time?food

Step 1 – Nutrition is key, we always say “you can’t out-train bad nutrition”.  Simply cutting out grains, sugars and processed foods from your diet and replacing them with whole foods (meat & vegetables, nuts & seeds, some fruit) will go a long way to improving your training & recovery abilities and to help shift any excess body fat that needs moving.1375947_10151966454412193_919480763_n

Step 2 – Move more.  It doesn’t have to be high intensity training like CrossFit all the time. Simply moving more every day makes you feel better, gets the blood pumping, releases those happy exercise-induced endorphins and will help shift the excess kg’s. Lift heavy objects, walk, run, bike, swim, surf, ski, dance, take a lap around the bedroom, whatever takes your fancy, just get moving and change it up regularly.Exif_JPEG_PICTURE

Step 3 – Make it fun!  Surround yourself with people who inspire you, who work hard and who also like to play hard. If it’s fun you’ll always find time in your busy schedule for fitness.

K: It seems like it easily integrates into your Cooee CrossFit training principles?k & k

Yep! In a nutshell, CrossFit is strength and conditioning approach that combines constantly varied, functional movements, done at high intensity.  When we program at Cooee CrossFit we have the goal of developing our athletes’ general physical preparedness, no matter their current level of fitness or ability.  By “general physical preparedness” we mean that if you follow the Cooee CrossFit program you will be adequately prepared for anything and everything life presents to you – whether that’s kicking the footy with your son at the local oval, taking that surf or ski trip you’ve always dreamt of, improving your marathon time or being stronger through a full 18 rounds of golf.Exif_JPEG_PICTURE

The other key component of CrossFit is to do it with others. We find that when training in a group, a little healthy competition is generated and you always push yourself harder than if working out on your own.  If you add in attention to your nutrition and recovery you’ll be a well-rounded athlete ready to take on any challenge!

K: Was it easy to integrate it into the WODs and activities at Sharing Bali?Exif_JPEG_PICTURE

So easy!  Sharing Bali is like a giant playground for grown ups. We brought a few additional, light and easy to pack pieces of equipment with us – gymnastic rings, resistance bands and aqua sacks.  These, combined with the awesome bamboo pull up bars, rice sacks, coconuts and timber logs at Sharing Bali provided more than enough “weights” for us to integrate into our WODs (workout of the day). Add in a few laps around the property, a sprinkling of Bali heat & humidity, uneven surfaces and hey presto, you’ve suddenly got yourself a very potent and sweaty little workout.  Having said that, perhaps the toughest WODs of all for us CrossFitters were our yoga sessions with Gabi!

K: I know that owning a CrossFit Box is not a just a “job” for you. How does it fit in with your passion for mountains, snow and the outdoors in general? It seems like you are living the ideal active life seamlessly blending the edges of work and play. Do you have a driving philosophy to keep you on track?sb & cooee

We realised when setting up Cooee CrossFit that we may not become millionaires overnight, but we would have a damn good time along the way! Thus Cooee CrossFit has provided the perfect avenue to support our lifestyle habits and travel addictions.  Our philosophy is to combine fitness, good food, fun and travel and to inspire others to join us in our crazy quests.  Our Sharing Bali CrossFit retreats are now an annual pilgrimage and we will also add at least one other “bucket list” adventure travel destination to each year’s plans.  November 2014 will see some of the Cooee Crew running the New York Marathon and future plans include sailing in the 2015/16 Clipper Race, hiking the Kokoda Trail, cycling the Tour de France route, heli-skiing Alaska, climbing to Everest Base Camp, and trekking Machu Picchu.  After all, one of the premises of CrossFit is to “regularly try and learn new sports”, and we’ve got a long list of activities and world destinations to cover in this lifetime!

K: No chat with Cooee can go without a comment from Murphy. How’s his fitness philosophy now that he has celebrated his second birthday? Bigger sticks to fetch? More beach sprints?murphy

Murphy would be the CrossFit Dogs World Champion if there were such a competition!  Being a blue heeler/border collie-cross just means he gets fitter the more he trains. At the moment he is working on his max height box jumps and wave-chasing sprints.

K: Our next Cooee CrossFit camp is planned for July 2014. A perfect winter escape for you and your athletes. Thanks for bringing your effortless, easy going, yet so professional, ways to Sharing Bali. Who knows what the next trek will reveal… I will be there, listening intently!

We can’t wait! ; )


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