Demolishing Rainy Season Demons

Entering another rainy season, memories of rain, landslides and cyclones destroying our place a couple of years ago are ever present. I have to move on or I will be forever in fear every time a storm heads our way.

Time to deal with it. Time to return to put everything I love about the rainy season back in a positive place….

#1… Our gardens “sparkle”… I love the lushness, freshness. Its cleansing.

Lush, fresh, sparkling clean gardens.

#2 We get to play in the rain just like a kid during our Sharing Bali Bootcamp Sessions… washes away the sweat and grime, cools us down. Love it.

Rain after a sweaty Sharing Bali Bootcamp session... just washes the sweat and grime away

#3 The sheer drama of a downpour. Its starts with a few drops and before you know it, it’s torrential. The village becomes very still. No motorbikes, no one working, even the dogs are quiet. You can’t fight it. Accept it gracefully. Wait. A lesson in patience and acceptance.


#4 Taking a shower in my outdoor garden bathroom in the rain. Bliss.

"Tropical Shower"

#5 The stunning stillness of a sunset after a rainstorm. Peace restored.

Beauty follows drama. Stunning sunsets.


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