Embracing Selfishness. Or is it Selflessness? Tracey Spicer nails it.

Tracey Spicer gets a little "me time"

Tracey Spicer gets a little “me time at Sharing Bali”

The subject of taking “time for me” is one that nearly  every one of our Sharing Bali guests struggles with prior to booking. It’s always self imposed guilt…. family and friends are usually fine with it.

Once they arrive and discover that the week is dedicated to nothing but good food, fitness, a little adventure, with some body treatment style indulgence and of course the big one… SLEEP, they wonder why they doubted that they deserved nothing less.

Tracey Spicer, mother of 2, journalist, indispensable aide to husband, family, dog, garden and household took some convincing and has changed her ways…

“You guessed it. I had The Best Week Of My Life. (Except for our wedding and the birth of our two beautiful children, honey … )

I arrived at the Sharing Bali retreat to find a bunch of women singing from the same song sheet. “I’m 52, and I’ve never done anything like this,” one woman said. “This week, it’s all about me.”

“My kids are 11 and 13. And I’ve never been away from them for this long. Can you believe that?” asked another.

Instead of nurturing others, we nourished ourselves – eating fresh produce from the village, moving our bodies in ways we hadn’t for years, and climbing 1717 metres up an active volcano. Amid the running, jumping and laughing, we rediscovered our zest for life. And embraced our selfishness.

It’s become taboo to talk about this topic. We’re taught to be selfless: always think of others first; pour a bucket of water on your burning desires. Well, bugger that. If you can’t care for yourself, how can you care for others? Think of selfishness as a parallel form of selflessness. After all, who else is going to have your best interests at heart?”

Read the full story here. Share it with those you know who could do to read it and start incorporating a little selfishness into their lives.


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