Kimono inspiration. New York Fashion Week or Ubud Market?

Living in a village doesn’t stop me from checking into what’s going on at New York Fashion Week. I love textiles. I can’t help myself.  But immersing myself in a local market in Bali in the early hours of the morning is as rich in style, colour and inspiration as any catwalk. Its an intoxicating experience. This morning I chose to do nothing more than buy flowers and fruit whilst drinking in the textile wonders passing me by. Everywhere I looked there were patterns and colours crashing into each other. NO RULES. I love it.

Ubud market Feb 2014 - 01

stunning style

I cannot help but be influenced. I have set myself free from the usual rules to work on a Kimono Collection. Patterns are in abundance as a collection, but separate each one and they speak for themselves.

Kimonos Bali Village Style

Kimonos Bali Village Style

I wore one out in Ubud last night and I was stopped in the street by a gorgeous Italian girl who wanted to know where to buy one. I am only in sampling/trialling stage so this was a kick. I hastily gathered up the collection the next day ready to show. Delighted to say that my first Kimono will be worn on the streets in Italy. Inspired.

Now its back to work at the village. I always try to keep our work in our village and surrounds, these have been made on a converted treadle machine by one very talented seamstress (who is a school teacher by day). Our girls at Sharing Bali plait the tassels in between sessions in the kitchen. Keeping it simple for now…

More photos of my textile treasures at the market this morning here


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