Tracey Spicer breaks her Bali Ban.

I understand the love/hate relationship that Australians have with Bali. I only wish that more would get out of the clutches of the temptations of the cheap food and booze and seek out experiences that would change their perspectives.

Thank goodness for the likes of Tracey Spicer who says it says it as it is and takes a calculated risk to have the best week of her life with us.

Tracey Spicer & Jo Sharp doing their sunrise moves at Mt Batur

Tracey Spicer & Jo Sharp doing their sunrise moves at Mt Batur

“I finally broke my ban late last year, to attend a boot camp near Ubud called Sharing Bali. It was the best week of my life (except for our honeymoon of course, darling!)

We ate fresh food from the local village, rode bikes through the rice paddies, and hiked up a 1717-metre volcano at sunrise. It was nothing like the touristy experience of Kuta and Legian.

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FYI: My view on accidents/deaths in Bali… reduce the stats.. stay off the motorbikes! Sad fact is that there are a lot of bike accidents in Bali. Travelers riding a motorbike in Bali is not smart….most have ridden a  bike once or twice and think they are invincible. They wouldn’t do it at home but for some reason they think they won’t get hurt here.There is nothing good about a motorbike accident.   Stay off the #$%^#^%$ bike! Rant over.


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