Simple Luxury Redefined… stand back fluffy white robes.

I have been absent for a while… amongst other projects (climbing volcanoes, running fitness retreats, designing retail stores .. the last one very unplanned) my writing time has been taken up by my upcoming ebook. It has turned into an epic event in my life.

Innocently starting out as a recipe book to share our fabulous food with the world, it has evolved into an all consuming tale of my life at Sharing Bali. Confronting at times. Light at others. Definitely revealing for myself to turn thoughts and beliefs into words to share and publish.

I have always believed there is “art and science” behind every success story out there… be it business or personal. My newbie status to writing has confirmed my admiration for those who write eloquently with ease. Respect.

front cover draft... needs some work

front cover draft… needs some work

Turns out the hardest chapter to write was the one on simplicity! I’ve called it Simple Luxury as this is what I so passionately believe we all need more of in our lives and what we aim to create at Sharing Bali. It’s got nothing to do with fluffy white towels. Sneak preview right here (sans the fabulous layout by the  most incredibly patient graphic designer Wayan who weaves his magic on every page of the ebook)….

keeping it simple

keeping it simple

Mention the word “luxury” especially in the world of retreats, and images of fluffy white towels, private plunge pools, sleek spas, food designed by gourmet chefs and the latest design led villas are the first to spring to mind. Nothing wrong with this at all, who doesn’t love a bit of luxury in this manner?

One guarantee is that it will come with a hefty price tag with the notion of luxury presented as an indulgent treat that requires justification on a personal and financial level. Do I deserve this? Will my credit card take another hit?

unforgettable moments

unforgettable moments

Where did simple luxuries disappear to? The moments, gestures, experiences that put a smile on your face, boost your energy, allow you to momentarily escape, invoke a hell-raising laugh, set you free to run like a child or just fill you with wonder.

nothing beats lobbing the top off a coconut and drinking the juice from a banana leaf

nothing beats lobbing the top off a coconut and drinking the juice from a banana leaf

My belief in the power of “simple luxury” for all is at the heart of what we do. I lose my way sometimes.. magazines only want to feature the flashy end of town, a place without pool or WiFi beyond comprehension, relegating us to the realms of basic or alternative. When in doubt I wrap myself in my favourite sarong, have another sip of lemongrass tea and ask our guests for their insights…it inevitably gets me back on track.

walking in water.. no cares about the wet shoes..

walking in water.. no cares about the wet shoes..

“After spending a couple of nights at the five star resort following boot camp, it made me appreciate my week with Sharing Bali even more . We discussed it during the week, but it rang more true to me that you don’t need a big screen tv or pool for a luxurious, relaxing holiday. All you need is thoughtfulness, attention and passion.  So thank-you all again.” Laura



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