Ticking off “8 health trends you need to know about”

Great article in Prevention Australia magazine about the latest health trends. Thought I would test myself and Sharing Bali to see how we measure up. I think we passed with flying colours.

1. E-TOXING – No wifi access makes this easy. Most guests let out a sigh of relief when we suggest they turn their phones/devices off after sending a text home to say they have arrived and all is ok.

we do have a mobile phone signal.. just no high speed wifi connection.. life does go on regardless

we do have a mobile phone signal.. just no high speed wifi connection.. life does go on regardless

2. GOING NATURAL – A dining table set in the rice paddies, frogs in the bathrooms, stone, grass and dirt underfoot. No urban noise. It’s a sensory assault for some. No trouble ticking this one off.

there's something very grounding about a dining table set amongst the rice paddies

there’s something very grounding about a dining table set amongst the rice paddies

3. OUTDOOR FITNESS – This is what we do, what we love. Bear crawls in the rice paddies, bamboo stretcher runs, coconut tossing, bamboo climbing bars. It’s outdoors, simple and fun. Add in a run in tropical rain or a trek in the river to cool down and we are happy.

our bamboo gym works for us … simple, functional

our bamboo gym works for us … simple, functional

4. MINDFUL LIVING – We can’t get away from being mindful as we are always moving around outdoors. Every step counts. We have to be tuned in. Balance is important in order to reduce the risk of a muddy trip into the rice paddies. Doing nothing but savouring a glass of lemongrass and ginger tea on the balcony with no thoughts is ok. We enjoy “simple luxuries”.

taking a moment…

taking a moment…

5. CLEAN EATING – We just eat fresh locally sourced produce. Easy. Nothing processed. No preservatives. Every dish starts in the mortar and pestle with fresh spices.

eat fresh food… simple

eat fresh food… simple

5. BIO-INDIVIDUALITY – A new word for me but it makes sense. “Bio-individuality means there’s no one-size-fits-all diet: one person’s food is another person’s poison,” – Joshua Rosenthal, founder and director of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York.

Every week we see guests who are devotees of Paleo, raw food, vegan, gluten and dairy free, blood type diets. Each one believes it to be the healthiest approach. Every meal our table is laden with fresh food cooked in authentic Balinese style. There’s enough variety for everyone to make their own choices, respecting each other’s preferences. Our own bodies know best. You know when eating a certain way makes you feel like crap.

different bodies… different needs

different bodies… different needs

7. FUNCTIONAL FITNESS – Its not just about workout sessions. Incidental fitness from treks, cycling or just tackling the endless stairs around our place all counts. One of our trainers explained it very simply to me… “Karen, we just need to move more everyday.” Got it.

functional moves… moving naturally

functional moves… moving naturally

8. SUBURBAN FARMING – free range chooks, edible gardens, surrounded by farms and rice paddies .. nailed it.


farming is a way of life in our neighbourhood

My conclusion… these are all very good simple ideas. If these truly are “trends” then I l love that this is what we are returning to. Makes me feel good that the chapters in my upcoming E-Book support this:

Eat Fresh   Move More   Take A Moment   Simple Luxury   Fresh Perspectives

Doesn’t need to be any more complicated. Extreme action not required. Relief!



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