Done. Dusted. Published. Sharing Bali Ebook

I had no idea that a little recipe book would end up to be a 105 page epic adventure in my life. Revealing of myself and the years that has passed evolving Sharing Bali into my life that it is today… it was confrontational at times. It turned out to be one of the most inspiring, collaborative projects that I have ever worked on (most days… there were plenty of rough patches).

Sharing Bali ebook cover

I started out with the intention to write a much in demand Sharing Bali recipe book. True to my village life, this book has taken a path of its own, morphing into a collection of stories, thoughts, moments and photos asking to be shared. The one word, one person or one image that sums up Sharing Bali is elusive. Each of our guests has their own reason for staying with us. In turn they leave a little something for us, adding to the layers that make up Sharing Bali.


Here it is… pour yourself a glass of lemongrass tea and enjoy the trip.




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