Planning a trip? Pack your Curiosity. Expectations? Leave them at home.

Confession time. What type of packer are you?

  • Totally prepared, ticking off a list, with days to spare.
  • Spend hours on wardrobe selection, ensuring there is a new outfit for every day before tossing half of it out, scarred by previous excess baggage charges.
  • Usually still looking for a suitable bag to pack with less than 5 hours to flight departure.
  • Throw in the favourites and count on buying the rest at the destination

 My recent spur-of-the-moment trip to the next island led me to reflect on what I really need to pack in my travel bag and it has nothing to do with the right shoes.

I’m going to make sure I pack these fun guys.

And these not-fun guys get to stay home.


Thanks to Google and Trip Adviser we can pretty much live our travels before logging off. All but write a review. Not a lot is left to chance. Now planning is needed for a “successful” trip, but what about some belief that there’s a whole bunch of experiences out there that cannot be pre-determined? What exactly does “success” mean? What’s the measurement? I like to think that a trip that did not go exactly to “plan”, none the less could be considered a success. I missed my ferry to Lombok by seconds, twice. (Truth is I had no clue about departure times, kinda knew they left regularly). No choice but to wait for the next one and chat to the person next to me. One hour later I had all the local travel tips I need to get to Sumbawa, an island on my trip wishlist. Gold.

bale chat

The very first conversation with our Sharing Bali guests over a glass of lemongrass tea, is all about trusting us to take care of the details. At dinner we talk about what’s happening the next day. Not two days in advance. Just the next day. That’s enough living in the future. It’s all about enjoying every moment as it happens and letting each day unfold. The reactions are interesting. A little twitching from those who are used to being in charge, needing to know every detail. Then there are those that just kick back into the cushions and say “bring it on!”

We trial everything behind the scenes. That’s our job. But you know what…. stuff happens. There’s a wedding in the village and we are all invited, guests included; ceremonies close roads; a neighbour drops in a bag of passionfruit changing our juice choices; trekking conditions change overnight forcing us to take a new unbeaten path; a retreat group are all energetic early risers so we add in extra sunrise treks/workouts; someone has a birthday to celebrate; and so much more. We never miss out on anything on the program. Quite the reverse, additions seem to juggle their way into the schedule, often creating new ideas for future programs. That’s the joy of travel …. letting the day unfold at times.

Rewrite your packing list for 2015. Travel lightly.

Sharing Bali ebook cover

Share your packing tips, triumphs and disasters.

Best submission gets a free copy of our E-Book Every Day Is New Life




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