FOUND! My Fitness Happy Place. Turned out to be in more than one place..

Sunrise leap at Mt BaturHIIT sessions one day, Pilates the next. Interval training and yoga are my friends. Loads of trekking please. Toss in a little bit of Barre. Walking is wonderful. I won’t say no to some Primal Moves and I’ve just discovered Tai Chi. Sounds like a recipe with too many ingredients but it works for me. It’s my version of Fusion Fitness.

I recently did a podcast interview and we discussed the “secrets of success” along with “making dreams a reality”. My thoughts… you need to dig down and find what it is that will make you happy before you can be successful or turn any one of your dreams into reality. Same goes for fitness “success”.

Running Sharing Bali Retreats has put the spotlight on my own fitness. I feel no need to be the fittest or the fastest. Enjoying every session or activity, going at a pace that’s right for my body makes my day.

batur crop

Each time I reach the summit of Mt Batur volcano feeling strong, calm and satisfied, I really understand what makes me happy when it comes to fitness. Clarity sets in.

It’s a straightforward list these days:

I just love being active everyday, moving with freedom.

I need to be outdoors, it fuels me, transports me.

I loathe routine, something different everyday is good for me, whatever feels good – I can’t stick to a program with “goals” (and I no longer try, I am a trainers’ nightmare).


Give me the choice of a trek for 8 hours or a run for 8 minutes and I’ll take the trek every time.

Inclines of any type push me – hills, mountains, ravines, I won’t stop, will never give up.

I like to keep it simple, no machinery please.

I have no need to compete, not against myself, definitely not others. I know what feels good. I am not lazy by nature, I don’t need to tick off big goals such as a marathon.

coconut toss

The more fun, the better – tossing coconuts, racing through rice paddies is more my style.

The outcome – fittest I have ever been in my life and I’m happy about that.

Along the way I discovered what really makes me unhappy… so don’t be offended when I say NO! if you invite me to do any of the following…..

Ski, cycle, or snowboard down big hills at scary speeds. There’s a good chance I will not only cry, but also inevitably crash.

Swim further than the width of a pool. As much as I would like to glide through the water in a dolphin like manner, I’m no water babe. I swim like a rock. Ocean swims. No chance.

Do you have a fitness happy place? Please do share. Inspire others to find theirs.


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