In love, but not with someone or something. #1 footnote to myself

I’ve started a series of “footnotes” to keep myself on the right road. Yes, that’s my foot in the photo.

in love with her life

These lovely words were a parting gift from Kim Clancy, psychologist and giver of positive power, shared on the last session on our inneressence Wellness Retreat at Sharing Bali.

A poignant reminder that all is fine when I am in love with my own life.

There are plenty of days when I just want to throw my hands up in the air, but really….. I live in an AMAZING place; I am ridiculously healthy; am surrounded by an ever changing cast of people who fascinate me; I no longer have a job, I have a life and I get to wear a silk sarong everyday if I want to. That’s a whole lot to be in love with, so If you hear me grizzling or wishing for otherwise, send a reminder to take a look around and get over myself.

Being in love is inspiring. True for you?


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