13 interview questions that will make you want to chat.

Doing an interview is a revealing experience. I love it.boat chat

I need an outsider to ask me the questions that I like to dodge on bad day. Insightful questions provoke thoughtful exploration. Pin pointing magic moments trigger great memories. Relating the lows, the failures and the completely ‘lost the plot, what was I thinking’ episodes puts life into perspective.

The best interviews are those that turn into a chat, invoking the art of story telling.

Every one of us has an interesting story to tell. A story that is more than 140 characters.

I think we should conduct interview chats with ourselves more often. It’s not the sole realm of the rich and famous or the media savvy.

I really recommend that you grab a friend, your business partner, or your partner in life and disappear for an hour or two. Go somewhere inspiring. No interruptions.

Pour your choice of drink. Coffee. Tea. Whatever puts you at ease……one of my best, happiest, full of laughs interview/chats was over a bottle of Moet.

Prepare some questions to give some structure.

Chat freely. Unleash the real you. Record it. Listen to it a few times.

I’ve just listened to my interview with Mike McNally from The Dream Executive. It was more like a chat and exchanging of ideas. I squirmed a little at my half finished sentences and the number of times I repeated myself, but aside from that it was really valuable to listen to. You can listen for yourself here:

I’ve listed some questions below that stimulated our conversation, obviously relevant to my life and Sharing Bali. Adapt them to your personal situation.

What was your childhood like growing up?

What were your childhood dreams?

What is Sharing Bali?

What was the inspiration for Sharing Bali?

What is it you love about Bali?

What is your biggest strength?

If you could go back in time what advice would you give to your 20 year old self?

Who inspires you?

Do you have a morning ritual?

Success isn’t easy. What have been some of your challenges?

There’s a list of all the things you want to do in life. What are the Top 3?

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve every been given?

What holds us back when it comes to following our dreams?

Enjoy your interview!


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