Make it happen… live the life you dream… #FootnoteToMyself #3

Continuing my series of “footnotes” to keep myself on the right road. Yes, that’s my foot in the photo.

I can remember the exact moment I made a conscious decision to ‘DO something EVERY single day’ for Wayan and I and our future in Bali. Not just think about it or talk about it, but take action.

make it happen

It was a moment of total clarity with surprisingly little angst.

And it changed my world.

At the time I was working, no, not just working, giving everything to my career in Australia. It certainly had its rewards but I distinctly remember a day where everything around me seemed to unravel. I questioned what I was getting back for all of my efforts. Why am I doing this? This is not my dream.

I made new rules and set boundaries for myself. I had no intention of neglecting my responsibilities; instead my productivity increased. At work I found myself making more objective decisions, saying no to time wasting distractions.

Whilst I remained committed, I kept aside enough time, energy and deep emotional creativity for Wayan and I. The hours between 4.30am and 8am were for us. If I had a work free weekend it was for us. Every night there was an hour or so for us.

I had to work on myself to get rid of the guilt.

I worked through an era where second jobs or personal businesses were silently frowned upon. Your commitment was questioned. Anyone who had a second job kept it quiet.

Talk about putting all your eggs in someone else’s basket.

I am an intensely loyal and hardworking person by nature giving my whole self to my career, believing it was not just a job but also a way of life. It was a big deal to change my behaviour. I now had to be equally loyal to Wayan and myself. On reflection, I can’t believe it took me so long to figure this out!

My new self imposed rules set me free to MAKE IT HAPPEN.

Not a day passed that I didn’t do something for us. I was brutal with myself. No more daydreaming or being too tired, too busy, too scared, too whatever other excuse I could come up with.

The website was built, our first series of magazine ads created and placed. I wrote countless proposals for partnerships, sponsorships, PR releases. The rejection rate was huge, but I kept going. I hand delivered flyers. Wayan worked every day at getting our property and staff ready for a big change. I faced the realities of a booking and payment system, and I officially became obsessed with making Sharing Bali happen.

Connections started to happen. So many friends, friends of friends, and family, freely gave their advice, expertise and enthusiasm. It would not have happened without them and I am eternally grateful for every single helping hand.

Less than 12 months later I was lifting rice sacks, tossing coconuts and climbing a volcano on our first Bootcamp Bali Style Retreat.

Unbeknown to us, our retreats were about to create a new model, breaking the concept of detox and deprivation retreats, as well as being the affordable option in a world full of luxury retreats. We were the first, there were no rules and we started something that was soon to be copied. We now fill the bungalows with guests from around the world ready for a unique experience that celebrates healthy living in a small Bali village.

It happened.

But it doesn’t stop here. I think it’s time to set new rules for myself. New ideas are waiting to happen. We’re taking steps to explore worldwide. Sharing The French Alps & Sharing South Africa. And we’re doing it Sharing Bali Style.

My footnotes to myself……

It won’t happen unless I take action.

I can’t always get my ducks in a row and that’s ok.

Waiting for perfect conditions… is waiting forever.

Lack of funds is not an excuse. There will never be enough.

What’s the worst thing that can happen by taking this action? I had better be ready for it if it does happen.

Tell everyone I meet what I am working on to attract the help and expertise I need.

Become obsessed.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve given yourself to Make It Happen when chasing your dream? Please do share. I’m listening.


2 responses to “Make it happen… live the life you dream… #FootnoteToMyself #3

  1. Love the story – and especially the footnotes. Just this morning this phrase came to mind during my morning meditations: Regular Action Consistent with Desired Outcome. It’s a phrase I know I need to heed. In fact, it’s quickly become ‘DAILY Action Consistent with Desired Outcome.’ And I know that, at least once a week, it should be ‘RADICAL Action Consistent with Desired Outcome.’


    • Thank you. I so know that feeling of the need for “RADICAL Action with Desired Outcome”… a little more regular action and I wouldn’t be needing the radical so often!


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