Choc Bliss Balls Recipe as approved by Cantik, the Pomeranian Living In Paradise.

2015-05-29 02.00.59

We roll these balls of delight out just once on every Sharing Bali retreat and they bring the house down. In response to demand we are sharing the recipe. Food created in our village kitchen is not an exact science… nothing is measured… it all comes down to taste and experience and our mood on the day.

So do the same.. create to your own taste satisfaction.

This is what you need:

2015-05-29 01.32.47

A cup of fresh peanuts cooked in coconut oil; 2 spoons of cacao powder; ground cinnamon; 1/2 cup fresh grated coconut; chunk of palm sugar to taste, a generous drizzle of coconut oil.

2015-05-29 01.35.47

Time poor?

Use the food processor but don’t grind to a powder.

Small uneven chunks please.

2015-05-29 01.38.41

 Fresh coconut is best.

Finely grated.

2015-05-29 01.43.18

Shave the palm sugar into the peanuts along with all other ingredients.

2015-05-29 01.49.47

Best part… taste test.

A little dry? Add oil.

Not sweet enough… a LITTLE more palm sugar or cacao.

2015-05-29 01.52.20

Presentation counts.

Its all part of the bliss.

We serve ours with lotus flower leaves.


Optional… supervision by Master Chef style dog.

This batch was made under the occasional watchful gaze of Cantik, aka Pomeranian Living in Paradise.

Big thanks to Jo Sharp of Sharp Moves Fitness for introducing this recipe to the Sharing Bali table.

We only use fresh local produce, so I struggled to find a recipe that didn’t include imported ingredients such as dried fruit, chia seeds etc.

Guest approval is high. We have hit BLISS!

Try them for yourself and let me know how it works out.

Master Chef Dog photos appreciated.


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