Write on! Now is your time to ‘Write A Bestseller’ in Bali

rice fields at Sharing Bali

No Distractions!

Who’s going to The Ubud Readers and Writers festival? It’s a big event, drawing in a wide range of talented writers, journalists, poets and film makers from around the world.It’s happening Oct 28– Nov 1. It’s not just a literary event. Food, travel, film and music is woven into the festival ending with a wrap up party.

It’s the perfect warm up to our “Write A Bestseller” Retreat with London Writers’ Club Director and literary agent, Jacq Burns. After the hectic pace of the festival, the retreat will be a place to switch off and immerse yourself in the world of writing. Kicks off Nov 1. Ends Nov 5.


Write On!

Expect quiet writing time, workshops, one-to-one advice and creative activities. The techniques and skills needed to make your writing powerful and compelling are the same and will be applied skilfully by Jacq wherever you most need help, whether that is beginning, middle or end of your writing.

Writers of all levels can retreat from the world of distractions 

to be fully immersed in their writing.

Our reward… revitalising hot springs!

Our reward… revitalising hot springs!


There’s time to have literary discussions over dinner, a lunch in the jungle to inspire your thoughts and on our final day we let the healing powers of the Natural Hot Springs do their work.

 More inspiration ..… Jane Baxter, renowned chef, Guardian writer, and author of award-winning cookbooks including Riverford Farm and Leon, will join us to cook a feast and share insights from the fascinating world of cookbook and food writing.

Jacq Burns… director London Writers' Club and Literary Agent

Jacq Burns… director London Writers’ Club and Literary Agent

Talk to Jacq

If you think you have a book in you, isn’t it time to let it out? Don’t let another year go by without doing it, make the commitment now.

Get in touch.

We’ll set up a Skype call to Jacq for you to discuss where you are up to on your writing project and how to get the best out of the retreat.

Cantik the Pomeranian… every writer's best friend.

Cantik the Pomeranian… every writer’s best friend.

Do you work best with a dog at your feet?

Cantik ‘The  Pomeranian Living In Paradise’ will be happy to hang out with you. He’s a sharing kinda dog.

QUESTIONS? Check the website for all the details. VERY LIMITED PLACES on this retreat. Email anytime for more info.

$AUD1975 or $AUD1895 early bird. Food, accomm and all activities on the program included!



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