Mindfulness meets Fitness in Bali. Instant friends.

dani bath smilesThere’s a lot of buzz about mindfulness.

For the perpetual ‘doers’ amongst us there is hope.

Before you reach for your mat and say ‘meditation here I am’

consider that mindfulness is simply about:

“Paying attention with openness, curiosity and flexibility”

Keep reading and get our spin on mindful retreats.


market scenes - 3There’s no shortage of advice out there. My research took me to sources as diverse as Harvard Business Review (they state ‘it can literally change your brain’), to organisations solely dedicated to the practice. Who can argue with benefits such as:

  • have more direct contact with the world, rather than living through your thoughts
  • have more balance, less emotional volatility
  • experience more calm and peacefulness

Whilst we are not mindfulness gurus at Sharing Bali, our first conversation with every guest on arrival is along these lines…

“you’ve made it, you’re here, just BE here”

The ‘how to’ follows fast… turn off your phone; look around you to take in the sounds, smells and sights; we take care of the planning, don’t worry about tomorrow; chill time is important; you may be out of your comfort zone, don’t stress, you’ll get through it and be grateful for the experience.

If you are keen to work on your fitness and tone up your mindfulness, we have a couple of experts ready to help you reconnect with you and your surrounds.


Nat is bringing along Tao, aka the Barefoot Yogi, to the new Stiles Training Soul Revolution Retreat. Expect a blend of fitness, yoga, a little adventure, meditation and mindful exercises.

This is a retreat that goes full circle to leave you feeling renewed, relaxed and fully reloaded. 

louisa & emily - Version 2Emily has teamed up with Louisa to combine their skills in ‘Movement & Mindfulness’ for the Love Me Retreat. 

Go home with the tools to help nourish and nurture your body and mind. 

Get a little insight. Louisa interviews the founder of Mindful May, Elise Bialylew.

dani bath jump croppedIs there an mindfulness app? Of course there is. Many. Over at Working From Anywhere we’ve been trialling the free version of Headspace. It takes just 10 mins a day. We’re converts. Read our review. Ideal prep for your retreat. Start today!

You need to do this for yourself. See you in Bali!


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