The new 3 R’s. Resilience. Reinvention. Reimagination.


“Every Day Is New Life” is an important mantra in our Sharing Bali life. My partner Wayan lives by this thought, believing that we get a new chance at new beginnings everyday.

I admire people with the resilience to reinvent themselves or reimagine their world.

We all know what we put out there is what comes back right to you. No surprise then that our retreats are filled with guests motivated by the thought of new beginnings.  Food and fitness is an obvious place to start, and launching into a 6-day fitness retreat will take care of that! But I see everyone slowly come to the realization that it’s also about fresh perspectives, kicking the past mistakes away and rising up stronger than before.

It’s not about being the fittest or the fastest,

success comes from resilience.

I didn’t know until recently that the Phoenix is symbolic of new beginnings. ‘When it perceives its impending death, the phoenix ignites itself into a magnificent fire. In time, it re-emerges from its own ashes – reborn, renewed, and very much alive.’

I came across this intriguing myth when co-creating a Phoenix Haven Retreat with Tess and Cara, founders of Fighting Fit Australia and Phoenix Power Coaching. Their explanation of the retreat name made perfect sense.

“Phoenix refers to a new beginning, combining our two passions – exercise & psychology (mind & body fusion). Haven is about providing a safe, relaxed & mentored environment where they are able to discover the capabilities of their body & their minds.”

Cara and Tess are a dynamic duo ready to change lives.

Me: Where do you call home?

C & T: Toowomba Qld.

Me: One word to describe each other:

Cara (by Tess): Devoted  Tess (by Cara): Tenacious

Me: Fave Fitness Fix:

C & T: Although any form of exercise releases those feel good endorphins, we both thoroughly enjoy our runs and hitting stuff!

Me: Can’t live without:

Cara: Genuine people.

Tess: The satisfaction of seeing someone accomplish something they never thought possible.

Me: All time fave food:

C & T: As long as it’s the right fuel for our bodies, it’s a fav! Oh and the food at Sharing Bali!!

Me: What are you excited about right now?

Cara: All our adventures to come & new beginnings.

Tess: Recruiting new people for a big year ahead.

Me: It’s a big leap from a gym in Toowoomba to a small village in Bali to run a retreat. Why do you do it and why do your clients sign up. What’s in it for everyone?

C & T: We understand that sometimes to get the most out of ourselves we need to step away from our everyday existence & normality. We offer our Haven retreats so that clients can experience this challenge, with support & guidance.

Me: What did you personally get out of your last Sharing Experience. Any surprises?

C & T: No surprises, just reminders to appreciate time & beauty. Always wanting to stay longer 😊

Me: Top 3 tips for a first time Retreat goer?

C & T: 1. Relax. 2. Be present in each moment, adventure & treat, & open to each new experience. 3. Leave the expectations at home.

Me: Gear up – what’s packed in your Bali Retreat bag?

C & T: Something to pay forward


the ability to become strong, healthy, or successful again after something bad happens

an ability to recover from or adjust easily to misfortune or change

I’m looking forward to the next Phoenix Haven Retreat. Once the resilience kicks in I just know everyone will return to the principles of joy and hope. New beginnings. Yes please.


If you are up for a little reinvention and a whole lot of healthy fun get in touch with Cara and Tess. It’s happening April 17-22 & June 26-July 2 at Sharing Bali. I’ll be there.

Every Day Is New Life


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