Tokyo to Bali. A marathon effort.

prosport marathon tokyo cropped

Running a marathon is all in a day’s work for ProSport’s Carly Silverwood. Even more impressive is getting 25 ProSport clients across the line at the recent Tokyo Marathon. Running a marathon is not on my to-do list but I am fascinated by those who do it. Carly fills me in…

Me: Where do you call home?

Carly: Richmond, Melbourne Australia.

Me: Favourite fitness fix?

Carly: Running is my passion but I love to mix things up with anything from weightlifting to boxing to bootcamp sessions. Variety is so important for keeping you interested and your body guessing and changing.

Me: All time fave food?

Carly: Any type of nut butter

Me: To chill out?

Carly: Running…

Me: The last time you had a huge belly laugh?

Carly: Usually at something my dog does, I love his enthusiasm about everything in life!

Me: Can’t live without:

Carly: My dog (and my husband)


The death stare of Carly’s dog forced to run 10km up Kew Boulevard in the rain!


Me: Hit us up with some impressive stats from your recent Tokyo Marathon.

Carly: Distance: 42.2 (Although according to my Garmin I actually covered 42.93)

Time: 3.49

Consumed enroute: x4 Vfuel gels, a few sips of Bocari Sweat (Japans “Gatorade”) and plenty of water

Me: Biggest high on the day?

Carly: The Tokyo course crosses over in a few sections so we were able to see the other ProSport runners along the way which lifted morale and excitement to the next level! My parents had flown over from Melbourne and we managed to spot each other at the 21km mark which was just what I needed at the halfway point! We shared a high five and I continued on.

Me: Toughest moment?

Carly: Toughest emotionally for me was actually the finish line. I crossed with not another ProSport runner or familiar face near me and it was such a weird mix of emotions.

I finished 6 mins faster than my PB and one minute under my goal time so I was pumped, full of adrenalin, yet exhausted and I crossed the line very emotionally. I am not one for emotions or hugs and I really needed a big hug at the finish line! Haha!

Me: You led a group of 25 ProSport clients to the marathon. That’s a big day for you to run your own race and get everyone else across the line. How did you tackle the day?

Carly: Must give Strappy a bit of a shout out as it was a team effort! But having now worked with a New York and a Tokyo campaign, yes there are a lot of ups and downs you face. In a way we don’t worry about our own race as much as we are so concerned with which clients are battling what injury or problem, that really, it takes the focus and worry off our own runs. Of course we want to do well on the day ourselves but helping the guys get through (especially those running their first marathon) gives you something else to think about.

Me: Top tip for anyone considering the next Tokyo marathon?

Carly: DO IT! It’s a nice wide course, flat and has some downhill sections. There is an amazing atmosphere in a very well organised, efficient and safe city.

Me: I’m sure it wasn’t all about the race. Did you explore? Any travel tips/must dos to pass on?

Carly: Tokyo is an amazing place, the people go above and beyond to help, the transport, although daunting, is efficient and reliable, it is safe, clean and so very interesting! We absolutely ate all the Ramen and gyozas and drank Sake post marathon…all for the culture!

Me: Big events like this are always a test in so many ways. Anything new you learnt from this one?

Carly: Triple check our bookings at restaurants! With none of us speaking Japanese we had a couple of “Lost in Translation” moments. Not a big issue until you have a group of 25 wanting a table on a Saturday night at a place you thought you booked!


carly silverwood

Me: We will see you back at Sharing Bali for a ProSport Retreat on Aug 21. It won’t be quite to the scale of a marathon but many of our guests have described the retreat as an epic experience. Will your Tokyo experience influence the retreat at all?

Carly: Expect lots of running! (Just kidding) I believe so strongly in a well balanced training and lifestyle. If you are a cyclist or a runner you need to also look after your flexibility and strength. Likewise if you are just into lifting weights then flexibility, mobility and cardio also need to be looked after.

Next stop Bali…. see you there Carly!

If you would like to catch up with Carly in Bali and experience what goes on at a ProSport Fitness Retreat jump over to our website now. Expect some coconuts to be tossed around in your workouts!



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