Writing not done? I’m blaming it on the dog.

20This would have to be the advice I knew was coming but really didn’t want to face up to.

Treat writing like a job. Turn up everyday!

Consistency and commitment pays off. Common sense that applies to everything in life we want to be successful at. The message comes through loud and clear from Jacq Burns, coach and mentor on our Writers’ Retreat here at Sharing Bali.

I blame it on the dog.

Cantik on the run

Cantik, doing what he (we) loves most…..on a run through the rice paddies.

Here’s what happens…

Dog needs a wash. Not just a wash, as a long haired Pomeranian we’re talking wash, dry, trim and loads of brushing. He looks so beautiful by the time we are done.

Dog needs a run. So he only has short legs but he does love to clock up a kilometre or two.

Dog looks adorable. Must take a photo. Update social media.

Dog is hungry. Each meal is freshly cooked. Dishing up packaged dry food is not acceptable.

Dog barks. Must be someone nearby. Better check it out. He takes his job as my personal security detail very seriously and expects me to investigate any visitor, noise or breath of wind.

Dog wants to play.  Fits with my mantra of  ‘Play More’….

Dog is ready for bed. Seriously if I’m typing away and it’s getting  past what he deems as a reasonable bed time he will start pawing at me until I shut it down.

Confession time… I could replace the word ‘dog” with my own name in most of these scenarios. It’s just easier to blame the dog. 

The next Write A Bestseller Retreat is coming up and I will have to confess to not changing my ways much since the last retreat. It’s time to start turning up. Write On!

kw orange scarf with cantik - 2 - Version 2

Cantik….. we need to change our ways!



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