Sunday in the Sharing Bali Kitchen. Corn Fritters are on.

I’ve decided that Sunday is the perfect day to share a recipe with you so you too can have a taste of Sharing Bali today. Stand by for Sunday treats.

Today… the famous corn fritters. The most welcome sight at our picnic lunch in the jungle after an adventurous morning of trekking. Instantly devoured. No messing around.


This is what you need:

2 whole corn 

3 tbspns rice flour

2 eggs

pinch salt

2 tbspns Sharing Bali Sambal

¼ tspn shrimp paste (optional)

handful of chopped shallots 

1 large chilli (seeds removed) – add more if you like hot and spicy

coconut oil for cooking

First up… prepare the Sharing Bali Sambal.

This richly flavoured sambal is one of the most traditional, used in numerous dishes, including the classic satays prepared for ceremonies. I’ve named it the Sharing Bali Sambal as it seems that every kitchen has its own slight variation. This is ours, create your own by adjusting the ingredients to suit you own taste


 4 small onions

3 garlic sections

2 small chillies

2cm chunk fresh turmeric

2cm chunk white ginger

2cm chunk yellow ginger

2cm chunk galangal

2 macadamia nuts

Remove skin from onions, garlic, turmeric, and gingers and roughly chop.

Grind all ingredients to a chunky paste with mortar and pestle. (or a food processor)

Next step – make the fritter mix

Using a knife, shave the corn kernels into a bowl

Add rice flour, mix in the eggs

Add the sambal mix, salt and shrimp paste

Toss in shallots and chillies

Mix thoroughly to a thick paste

Preheat oil in wok, drop spoonfuls  of the fritter mix into wok, allowing space for each one,  toss until golden. Drain. Devour.


These fritters are super delicious hot but they also are perfect for a picnic or lunch box snack. You can try the real thing at Sharing Bali or find loads more recipes just like this in my cookbooks. There’s a free Sambals Recipe Book as well as a 100 page book with over 30 recipes.

Selamat Makan!


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