Sunday in the Sharing Bali Kitchen. We’re tossing savoury corn pancakes.

corn pancake wrap

It’s hard to beat our banana pancakes, but these savoury versions are making a hit as wraps for a quick midday snack. 

This is what you need:

1 whole corn

3 tbspns rice flour

2 eggs, beaten


diced lime

cold water

butter for cooking

toppings/fillings – your choice of :



mushroom/onion/garlic/chillies chopped and fried

tomato sambal

salad greens

To make the pancake:

Using a knife, shave corn into bowl

Add flour, eggs, salt, and cold water to make a thick but runny mix

Heat butter in low pan, pour in mix to make a thin pancake, cook until golden, toss

Once both sides are evenly cooked, flip onto plate

Layer chopped avocado, tomato and a spoonful of mushroom mix in the centre

Top with a chunk of lime. Serve with tomato sambal on the side.

To make a wrap, fill with your choice of filling plus a little salad. We add spicy tomato sambal. Fold up one end, fold in two sides and you have a quick & delicious snack.

For more delicious recipes from the Sharing Bali kitchen, download my book “Every Day Is New Life”… there’s over 30 recipes as well as our story, advice from our fitness trainers and more.

We are in debt to Jo Sharp from Sharp Moves Fitness for this one, and very grateful to the retreat group who agreed to be taste testers. (We got it right on the third try).

corn pancake


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