An Alpine Adventure… Day 1


Found it! The perfect spot to watch the sunrise over The French Alps.

Talk about hit the ground running today. I arrived at Allemont at noon, and by 3.30pm I’m hiking my way to this magical spot. No time for jet lag.

I love being “alive at dawn” and after 165+ sunrise climbs of Mt Batur in Bali with our retreat groups,  every single one of them magical and memorable for different reasons, it is top of my list to find a hike here to create the same magic.

After a very windy drive to our start point at Villa Reymond it was initially an easy hike on a rocky path before hitting a steeper climb. I did really well until the last 8 minutes…. I should mention that the start point is at 1623m. That’s kinda like starting at the top of Mt Batur. It took a while to adjust to the altitude. My lungs were feeling it as I got to the summit at 1938m. I haven’t huffed and puffed like that in a long while!

But all worth it.

I’ll let the photos tell the rest of the story of today’s adventures….

pano sunrise location 1

breathtaking…. that’s all I can say

villa reymond

Our start point.. some of the houses were built in 1791.


I am in love with these beautiful simple farmhouses


drove home on a road literally on the edge of a mountain….


Hike planning over lunch at Lionel’s house.. the mountains are right beside us in this small village.


The simple luxury I so love in my Bali village is happening right here in The Alps.

I am so sure and so excited about creating the next chapter in my Sharing Bali life here in the Alps. Stay tuned…. Sharing Bali & Beyond is on it’s way.

Stay tuned for daily updates… more pics than words right now!







3 responses to “An Alpine Adventure… Day 1

  1. No more words needed Karen! Looking forward to both joining you and following along on this amazing Alpine adventure. Xx


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