An Alpine Adventure – Day 3. Blueberry tarte and a sheepdog make my day. Oh, and the hike took my breath away in so many ways…

20170718_111525Difficult paths lead to the most beautiful views….

and blueberry tarte!

I had no idea that blueberry tarte and coffee would be my reward for a very solid 3 hour climb in The French Alps today. A climb that had me thinking…. ‘one step at a time Karen, you can do this’.

The hike to La Muzelle was tough at times. The last hour was steep. But oh so worth every step. Arriving at the summit to see the most spectacular green lake took what was left of my breath away.

The track winds through forest, mountain ridges and rocky outcrops. All to the sound of cascading water. I felt like I was chasing waterfalls.


We left early morning and passed only a handful of people who had slept at the summit. The serenity was deafening. I surrendered to it and got into the zone, only thinking about my next footstep.

Just as well, because I really had to focus on using my walking poles to conserve my energy. I needed every bit I had in reserve. We climbed just 1200m in elevation over a 5.6km distance. That’s steep enough for me. (for any Sharing Bali guests who have done Mt Batur with me, we do 770m in elevation over a 5km distance… work it out and you can only be impressed with my efforts today!)


But lets jump to the surprise and delight at the top. I knew there was going to be a shepherd hut (we passed the shepherds on the trail with their donkey and horse going to get supplies. No little half day hike for them. It put me right back in my place).


And I knew there was a ‘refuge’ a place for hikers to sleep overnight on bigger hikes. But I had no idea the refuge served coffee and the most delicious blueberry tarte! This is taking my hiking to a whole new level.



Even better, they had a dog. A beautiful sheepdog who instantly planted his head on my feet, rolling over, paws in the air lapping up the pats. I am suffering a little Cantik withdrawal, so he made my day. (Cantik is the Pomeranian back in Bali who takes up a big part of my heart)


This hike will be our “challenge hike” on our Sharing The French Alps Active Holiday itinerary in 2018. It takes some work, but anything can be done ‘one step at a time’…. anything in life.

If you’re up for some hiking and tarte in a stunning part of the world, register your interest and have your say about what you would like on the itinerary here. I’m listening!






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