An Alpine Adventure – Day 4. “Simple Luxury hidden in the mountains”


Every hike takes me to what’s known as a “refuge’, a simple mountain hut that provides, shelter, connections, advice, friendliness and home baked blueberry tartes. These refuges are a delightful surprise in my alpine adventure.

I feel so at home. Safe. Welcome. Enchanted by the whole experience. Everything that I have always wanted Sharing Bali to be about… I call it Simple Luxury.

Hiking makes everything ok in my world. I wish for nothing more. I gulp in the clean air. Drink in the natural beauty of everything around me. Problems become small, life gets simple. When I’m struggling, my mind takes over… ‘just one step at a time, you can do this…. how lucky are you to be here… don’t give up!’ This is my personal Simple Luxury.


I picked up a guide book to these refuges. They are described so well, and each one has personal message from the refuge warden. I’ve copied in the description, they say it best…

“Whether a haven of peace nestled amongst towering mountains or a basic weather-beaten shelter, a Oisans mountain hut is always a remarkable place with its own history and distinctive features. For some, it’s a necessary stop over for a dawn climb, for others it’s the very reason for their hike – each mountain lover experiences their visit to the hut in their own way. A hut is neither a hotel nor a restaurant, but rather a place of freedom that only works if respected by everyone. The warden sorts out the passing hikers, gives advice about routes and conditions and organizes rescue of required, and all this whilst sharing their passion for the mountains and their work.”

apple tarte with a view

Apple tarte with a view at Lac du Goleon… awarded 3 stars on my tarte tour rating.


I’ve decided that each hike can be rated by the deliciousness of the daily tarte waiting for me at the refuge (mountain hut) at the summit. In fact we have created a Blueberry Tarte rating system… from 1 – 5. The refuge at Lac Muzelle has hit the lead. 5 stars. Hands down. (We even had an in-depth discussion with the warden about her recipe. The secret is in letting the pastry base rest for a couple of days.)

blueberry tarte at Lac Muzelle

5 stars for blueberry tarte at Lac Muzelle… gonna be hard to beat.

bowl of coffee at Lac Muzelle refuge

coffee at Lac Muzelle refuge gets points for presentation.. how gorgeous is this bowl of coffee!

Move over Tour De France…. here comes Tour De Tartes.


We have Simple Luxury going on right now at Sharing Bali. Join me anytime. If you’re keen for some Simple Luxury in The French Alps, stay tuned for the launch of my Sharing Bali & Beyond Active Holidays. Happening July/Aug 2018.



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