An Alpine Adventure – The French Alps… it’s a wrap.

farewell sfa

The last few days slipped away in a blur and I can’t believe my French Alps Alpine Adventure is over….. in fact I’m now in my Singapore hotel tapping away at my laptop and feeling more than a little lost without my mountain surrounds.

What an enriching and inspiring trip it has been…..

DSC_0046I felt challenged and inspired as I hiked in the most wonderful, awe inspiring places every day.


I discovered and felt so at home in the village way of life in The Alps. It resonated so much with my village way of life in Bali.

20170722_132623I met so many people willing to share their local way of life and help me out with local knowledge to create my itinerary.

fullsizeoutput_2beI felt uncomfortable and was so out of my comfort zone with my hopeless ability to communicate in French, but found a smile and friendly people got me through. All other times my friend Google Translate got me out of a spot.

fullsizeoutput_2c0I have let my intuition guide me. My sense of wonder and curiosity was at the max. Letting myself free to be this way opened up so many possibilities and has energised my creativity and zest for life.

blueberry tarte at Lac Muzelle

I discovered the joy of “tarte, vin, cafe and fromage” (tart, wine, coffee and cheese). There is nothing better that fresh homemade blueberry tarte served up at a mountain refuge hut after a hike in my travel book.

fullsizeoutput_2bdI was very worried about my fitness level before the trip. I had dropped off my training because of a small injury and a general level of mayhem in my life that always seems to happen before a big trip. I wasn’t sure if I would be up for the steeper hikes at an altitude but it turned out I had nothing to worry about. In fact I felt stronger as every day passed. I am so grateful that being active everyday at Sharing Bali life has got me “fit for life”. It has fuelled my confidence.

I’m on my way back home to my Bali village soon and I’m looking forward to all the joy of arriving home after travels… friends, my house, and of course my best fur friend Cantik (oh I’ve missed him).

cantik face

Cantik Chats

Stay tuned for the launch of Sharing Bali & Beyond… its all about Active Travel & Simple Luxury. We’re going to hit The French Alps in August 2018……



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